ZHEJIANG COIL COAT ALUMINUM CO.,LTDa leading manufacturer of architectural coated metal products field, providing colorful products with special functional coatings, having an invaluable contribution to profile sundry ending usage fantasies.

ZHEJIANG COIL COAT ALUMINUM CO.,LTD has automatic Color coated lines, Printing lines ,Brushed & Mirror Rolling lines, Slitting,Cut-to-length lines and other aluminum products processing equipment. Our annual capacity more than 50,000 tons. Flexible aluminum in working thickness from 0.018mm to 3.0mm ,widths from 8mm up to 2,200 mm.

We engaged in the deep processing of aluminum surface products, our products cover variety of surface effects, which is deeply favored by clients. We are manufacturer for Color Coated aluminum coil, Mirror Aluminum, Brushed Aluminum, Wooden&Marble Design, Embossed Aluminum with quality control, product development, after-sales service and perfect operating system.

Furthermore,ZHEJIANG COIL COAT ALUMINUM CO.,LTD provides paint PE ,HDPE,PVDF and etc also to serve customers from wild range of fields, is specialized in the production of Coil, Extrusion and Can coatings. we are currently serving customers in countries like USA, EURO, MIDDLE EAST. With experienced technician dedication and the full cooperation of staff from other departments, TIANZHIWANG ALUMINUM has won good reputation and meets the international standards of coating systems for coil coating application as set by ECCA ,NCCA. 

With more than 20 years of experience in aluminum coating and color matching, we can provide you with reliable advice in product specification and selection to match the needs of the project or application you undertake.  

No matter our products are available with several functional surfaces that can come in many shades to match your creativity and imagination. We look forward to establishing a good and strong strategic partnership with our trading partners. 

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    We are specialists in functional and decorative surface coatings on aluminum coils.In a specially designed testing development center,our products are evaluated,measured and checked,so they are in line with international standard.


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    With eight automatic coating lines(as well as two slitting lines) and a cut-to-length line in our factory,we produce functional and decorative surface for a wide variety of sectors on an industrial scale.
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    Our high-quality prodducts used internationally in the lighting,solar,automative,decorative and eletronics industries.Our products are used as surfaces for facades and ceilings,signs and name plates,furniture laminates and also househould appliances.
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    Made in China

    The high quality of our products and services are the cornerstone of our customer’s confidence.We produce and develop at our location in China,providing best quality and long-time guarantee.
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    In our own test and development center with application-specific testing equipment,our products are tested,evaluated ,measured according to international standards.
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    We continuously monitor all our process.Our quality management system is certified according to ISO9001:2015.